Cat Chorus - 13 cartoon cats sing & record your kitty tunes! App Reviews

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Very cute music app!

This app is absolutely purrfect for cat lovers and music lovers alike. Cute and responsive interface, plus the ability to record and share your own compositions works really well. The learning feature has a lot of potential to get kids into music and have fun while doing it. Im definitely looking forward to the rest of the apps in this series!

Makes you laugh out loud

Watching the confused look on my cats face for the first 15 minutes was worth the price of admission. There are random cat noises which definitely got my cats attention. Nice graphics and animation to help learn the notes and chords. Utterly fun!

Playful melody of an app!

Very fun and cute, I really liked the mice peeking out in the background. Purr-fect for cat lovers, music lovers, or both! Very high quality sound and graphics make for a fun app. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! I will be working on my own composition from today!

Purr-fect pitch!

Hilarious to see so many cats on the same stage singing in purr-fect harmony. The voices and moves are adorable! And the ambitious mice are extremely cute!

I love it

I love it it is amazing so worth the price but the is a mager bug you can not pres the record button at all never it wont work so please fix it please!!!!


Great app. Responsive to touch, definatly a must have to entertain friends, family, and children. BUY THIS APP-ITS AMAZING

Cute, cute and cute.

Did I mention this is a very cute app? Responsive but the smaller your fingers the better. Can you record and then save your songs?

Great for Kids

My nephews, ages 5 and 8, absolutely love cat chorus.  It generated about 5 minutes of hysterical laughter from the 5-year old yesterday!

Fun App!

This app just makes me laugh every time I play with it. It is truly adorable and well written. Each cat seems to have its own personality and I just love the little mouse who puts his two cents in after the cats are done singing. (My favorite is the little black cat in the basket who purrs.) A great purchase! Thank you!

Fun musical app!!

This is really fun and also educational for kids who are learning music! Well worth the .99!!!


This is so cute and such a waste cause the sound is so low please fix


Perfect game! I just want a update, though.(Maybe some online songs, please.)

Pls add option to change octaves

Having only one octave severely limits what you can play. *Edit* I just found the black cat to be the high C. But if there was a way to change entire octaves by toggling an "octave cat" or something then that would be great. Other than that, good app & much better than Kitty Chorus, which the app store no longer has. I know its been several years but please update & you will make cat lovers & music fans happier.

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